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An aggregation of loveliness about Como Não Morrer de Fome em Portugal.

Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Público.

António Araújo, Malomil.

Filomena Mónica, Expresso

Nuno Afonso, Pravda

As Madragoas da Amália, (in conversation with António Vieira on Rádio Amália, much giggling)

Entrevista com Carla Rocha, Radio Renascença:

Saber Viver magazine’s blog, 5 livros que tem de ler este mês.



Newsy things

My latest book “Como Não Morrer de Fome em Portugal”, published by Objectiva (Penguin Random House) is out now in bookshops in Portugal. We launch it officially on 27th of October in Casa do Alentejo, Lisboa.

In the lead up to that (and beyond, probably), and to help explain what the book is, I have asked some friends to do some readings from the book because, well, it’s easier to do that than explain that the book is a mixture of essay and fiction and memoir with funny bits… well, kinda…