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Stories of Saudade Podcast

When I came to Portugal years and years ago, nobody outside knew or cared about Portugal. Still today, even with this crazy tourist rush which brings millions of people to Portugal every year, there is little written about this wonderful place that isn’t about sardines, sun and surfing. There are few foreign correspondents here, many media outlets having an “Iberia” correspondent who lives in Madrid who might drop into Lisbon for the odd election or something. The rest send someone in for a weekend to check out the shrimp and chouriço. Snore. In my small way, for years and years, I’ve been blathering and writing and drawing about the real Portugal, because there is so much more to know than the touristy stuff and, to me, it’s far more interesting.

So, I am happy to announce that Histórias de Portugal de Saudade e Outras Coisas is a new podcast all about real stories from real Portugal, produced by my colega-creativo in many things, Marco António.  As you can tell from the title, it is in Portuguese… and that’s where I come in! I translate the original, explain a couple of things that the Portuguese don’t need explaining but that you might, and narrate it in English and we call it From Portugal Stories of Saudade and Other Things. 


There’s two reasons to subscribe: dig into the real Portugal AND you have to do absolutely nothing except for press a couple of buttons on a screen. What’s not to love? And, since everyone and his mother is coming to Portugal these days for a holiday, tell everyone and his mother to subscribe before they get here. In fact, don’t tell them, JUST NICK THEIR PHONES AND DO IT FOR THEM.

Another good thing about all this is that you can listen to the English version, then brush up on your Portuguese (or just get used to the sound of it) by listening to Marco’s original.

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