lucy pepper


I am an illustrator, artist and writer,  in Lisbon, Portugal. In recent years, I have written books, made animations and motion graphics, was part of the team that made The Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon in 2018, written in newspapers, made podcasts, and made a gazillion drawings and paintings. 





I write about Portugal and food, mostly. My work has appeared in various newspapers, and I have written 3 books. 

Como Não Morrer de Fome em Portugal Objectiva 2016.

Eat Portugal 2011-2018 (now in four languages!), co-authored with Célia Pedroso. 

O Livro das Receitas Nojentas 2006 Guerra e Paz (children’s cookery book)



Being a native English speaker and very fluent in Portuguese, I translate Portuguese to English, and edit English texts. In the Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018, I was part of the script writing team for RTP, and was the desenrascadora of much of the English language for the production and organisation of the event.  

My life’s mission is to get rid of “understands” on the menus of Portugal. Kinda. 


I co-produce (translating and narrating) the English version of Histórias de Portugal, with Marco António. Pie is my other podcast which I’ll get back to one of these days, because there’s always something stupid to say. Find them in your podcast thingy. 

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